Ceramic coating is a silica-based layer applied to a vehicle's surface. Once the coating has bonded with the paint, it creates a hard, protective layer to prevent damage from everyday wear and tear. 


Ceramic coatings also beautify your vehicle. At EuroCars Detail, we believe the proper way to apply ceramic coating is to first correct the imperfections in the paint. Our experts utilize the best products and equipment to prepare the paint surface prior to applying the coating. With this preparation, the coating makes your car POP with incredible clarity, reflectivity, gloss & slickness. It also makes the surface extremely hydrophobic (aka adverse to water) allowing water to bead and slide right off your vehicle.



IGL Coatings outperform the competition with every single product. It's that simple. IGL provides us a one-stop shop for all detailing supplies from cleaning & maintenance to coatings for all surface types. The added benefit to you is a complete product line that is designed to perform better when the entire family of products is utilized. 


IGL Coatings and products are environmentally friendly - plant-based & non-toxic - safe for us to use, safe for you and your family. IGL Coatings are the pioneers of low and Zero VOC high solids coatings. They are the first in the industry to have their technology audited and verified by NANOVerify. 


IGL Detailers have direct access to the CEO - he wants to know how the products are performing and how they can be improved on, what opportunities exist for new products to emerge.



Best of the best. Tops the charts for Protection, Reflectivity, Gloss, Hydrophobicity and Hardness


For vehicles that are used and abused. Industrial and commercial trucks of any shape, off-road trucks and ATVs.

10H+ hardness


Not just for boats. Marine is perfect for jetskis, RVs, campers and trailers. Spend more time enjoying life, less time on maintenance.