Paint Correction is the process used to repair the damage everyday wear and tear puts on your vehicle. Even brand new vehicles fresh from off the lot can have damaged paint.

Have you noticed marring, swirl marks or light scratches in your paint? Do you wish your car would pop with brightness & clarity? Our paint correction techniques can repair up to 95% of typical paint imperfections. Follow up with Ceramic Coating to ensure your corrected paint lasts!

Ceramic Coatings add a layer of hardness and protection to the surface it is applied to. These coatings add gloss, clarity and hydrophobicity.

Coatings aren't just for vehicles...Motorcycles, Commercial trucks, ATVs, RVs & Campers, Boats, Planes, Helicopters, even residential surfaces like pool decks, outdoor kitchens, stainless steel appliance and interior stone. We have coatings to suit your needs!

Paint Protection Film (PPF), or clear bra, takes protection to a new level. PPF is an invisible film that protects against heavy impact damage such as rock chips and door dings. PPF can be applied in stages - from partial front surfaces to complete coverage. Combine PPF with any of our ceramic coating packages for the ultimate protection and durability.

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