KENZO - IGL’s flagship coating. 100% silica provides the highest level of gloss and protection. Extremely hydrophobic. Resists damage from harsh southern heat while radiating a rich and natural glow. Warranty up to 4 years. 10H hardness with extreme silk-like slick. Includes 3-step paint correction + light interior detail.

ECLIPSE - Industrial-strength coating perfect of off-road and commercial vehicles, ATVs and vehicle undercarriage. 10H hardness gives the ultimate protection while still delivering gloss and shine. Repels water, oil & dirt. Also works effectively on pool deck, exterior & interior stone surfaces and stainless steel. Warranty up to 2 years.

QUARTZ+ - Premium product to cover all bases from durability to hydrophobic, glossiness and clarity. Warranty up to 3 years. 9H hardness with improved chemical resistance. Includes 3-step paint correction + light interior detail.

POLY - Protect the paint finish plus warranty up to 1 year. Adds gloss and shine. Repels water, oil and dirt, but not hydrophobic. 8H hardness. Includes 1-step paint correction.

MARINE - Specially formulated coating for boats and RVs that adheres strongly onto gelcoat, polyurethane and acrylic paint. Protects against accelerated weathering while providing improved resistance against harsh chemicals, scratches, marring and dullness for up to 2 years. Spend less time cleaning your boat and more time enjoying it!

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Don't let the protection stop with the paint. Our comprehensive line of coatings will cover your vehicle inside and out. 

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FULL VEHICLE - Fully protect your automotive investment from all angles. Complete front bumper, complete hood, complete fenders, side mirrors, headlights, all doors, rear quarter panels, roof, trunk, rear bumper and rocker panels.

FULL FRONTAL - Cover everything in the front so you are ready for just about anything headed your way. Complete front bumper, complete hood, complete fenders, side mirrors.

STANDARD - Covers the essential areas most prone to chips and road debris. Complete front bumper, partial hood, partial fenders, side mirrors.